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Well people, I'm off of LJ and now I'm over here. To anyone reading me on Mystblogs and their syndication programs, the transition has already been made, they won'tt even see this message. This is for everyone on my F-list. A bit of "I'm sorry for the inconvienance". I'm not going to pay for an account to syndicate my new feed. I think most everyone here reads me on mystblogs as well, so nothing will really change for you. I do hope you all continue to read, it's been fun and I hope that you make the little extra effort every day to check your bookmarks after you're done reading your friendlist, I'll continue reading the ones here and will keep up with all of you.

Hope to see you all on the other side.
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I felt a bit like heinrick today. Not because I'm cool or have badass skills, but because I got out during the wonderful weather and explored an abandoned building.

Today orangesuicide, and sgrant22 and I went to an abandoned barn in the middle of the country with our cameras for a little exploration.

This was a good excuse for me to flex some artistic and mental muscles that I haven't flexed in a long time.

The following pictures are from that day.

Events happen in real time.

I'll stick these up on DA if people say they don't suck!

From the Barn


Orange Suicide Looking Dramatically Out A Door I

Orange Suicide Looking Dramatically Out A Door II

Orange Suicide Looking Dramatically Curiously Out A Door III

Stuff Growing in an Abandoned Fridge I

Stuff Growing in an Abandoned Fridge II

The Window

From the Parking Lot at College as I was Waiting for my Ride (featuring me!)

Exploding at the Waist


Under the Sun

Titles, Crops, Post-Processing and whatnot are all preliminary, if I post on DA a lot of that shiznit will change... I think...
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The most awkward moments in television history.

Bunch of YouTube Links

The BBC mistakes a cabbie for an expert! Check out that accent!
The Worst Weatherman Ever. And two like totally valleygirl newscasters like duh.
A Sports Reporter stutters and sighs a lot. If you've ever spoken in public, you'll feel empathy for the poor guy.
Watch closely.... You might just miss what's wrong here!

Oh, and this YTMND made me giggle quite a bit Cosby Bebop, suprisingly lacking any Jello references.

"When I was a little boy we would play stickball!" X D
Gordon Freeman

G-vite Fiasco 2.0!

Uhh, if anyone has a writely account and some spare invites, could you throw one my way? Comment here and I'll give you the nesissary info.

Pretty please?
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So, here's the situation. Many of you (like the two of you that actually pay attention to this blog, you know who you two are, you're both so sweet! : D ) may be wondering where I've been the last couple of days. Well I have a perfectly good answer for you, actually, I've got more than one answer for you, here they are!

Our phoneline sucks

Every single time it rains, our phoneline (and as a consequence, our DSL) goes out. We have no idea why this happens. This seems to be getting worse every time, I've just now gotten back online after 24 hours of not being able to talk on the home phone and not being able to get online.

Linux System Administration

I've got a shiny new class that's going to suck 12 hours of classtime out of every week. Fortunately, this class only lasts until June 8th. Unfortunately, I have no idea what level of homework I'm going to need to do for this class, so it might actually suck more than 12 hours of classtime out of every week. Yippy Skippy! The Evil!

I'm going crazy

Three weeks left of school, 'nuff said

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More Halo 3 Answers.

Bungie Posts Halo 3 FAQ

Most astounding part of this?

The trailer was (according to Bungie) in real-time of course, the same thing was said about the Killzone PS3 trailer a few years ago, which later proved to be untrue.

More important than the FAQ is this article where Bungie responds to fan questions. (a few are repeats)

According to this, everything we see in this trailer is actual terrain and not part of the skybox. Halo seems to be taking a lesson from Farcry.
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Well, the URULive site finally works for me. The site's already been up for a few days, and sure people have criticized the design and others have criticized those who criticized the design. Yet that's not what's really caught my eye, what's caught my eye are the pages for future development and naturally Screenshots and Concept Art.

Let's just take a look at what's in store here.

Coming Soon

Repeatable game play

No thanks, I've already played through The Cleft about a thousand times, like... every time I joined a new server in Until Uru.

Multi-User ages

Now this is intriguing. I never did much like the "instanced" ages, but I suppose that's really the only way you can do an adventure game played by multiple people. I think it would be neat to see multi-user ages outside of D'ni. Like rest ages, maybe?

Far Future

Transportation vehicles

A good concept, yes, but not really useful currently, considering what the sizes of most ages are. This could be a lot of fun though if they add some good physics models to the vehicles

Player mounts

Same as Transportation Vehicles, but slower... and usually much cuter...


Now this is something that I know a few people have dreamed about, heck if Cyanworlds would want to really bolster their sales, throw in a free pet squee for anyone who pre-orders URULive. Special prizes are given to those who pre-order other MMOs, those who pre-ordered SWG got nifty keen sunglasses, those who preordered the expansion pack got special mounts and vehicles. Do you realize how many people would shell out the money to get a pet squee in the game?

Guild System

Now this would be great, and extremely in-character as well. Though I'm not sure what the guilds would actually do together.

Apparently the game has a new slogan. As seen on the bottom of the website

Destruction is coming. Find a Way. Make a Home

Let's take a deeper look at this...

Destruction is coming

... from where? I appreciate this sense of urgency, especially since this is a great marketing ploy that could get quite a few people interested, it just seems a little bit tacky when set in the frame of a MYST-related game. Though seriously, where is this "Destruction" coming from? The Bahro get a little bit drunk over Cinco De Mayo and accidentally got into the gun cabinet? Is the cavern going to collapse? If destruction is really coming to D'ni then... leave... or something. Though we all know D'ni is standing in Myst V.

Find a Way

I like this, especially since it suggests player interaction with their environment. Like we're actually going to have some say in the overall story arc. Actually, this is one of the things that intrigued me about URULive in the beginning.

Make a Home

I remember reading an article from a long time ago, all about what Rand and Robyn would do after Riven. This was way back in 1998. It talked about URU, though it never mentioned it by name. I remember that this whole "making a home" aspect was quite emphasized in this article. I really do hope that this isn't just reffering to our Reltos. This also speaks a bit of the game environment. Like URU is a safe community, like a home for anyone... Then again I could just be thinking metaphysically but it seems to suggest this.

As for the screenshots; Most of them are things that we've already seen before, but the two new concept art images, now those are a subject of interest.

Concept Image 1 looks a bit like Eder Kemo or the exterior of Garrison, no real evidence that this is a new age at all. Though we haven't seen moss like that anywhere. The stone to the left in the foreground and the stone in the background off to the right look a bit too regular to be created naturally. I think we might be looking at some bona fide ruins here.

Concept Image 2 seems to be in the same place as concept image one, note the moss on the left side and the bright sky.

I mentioned Until Uru earlier, let's talk about Until Uru for a bit.

As I see it, Cyanworlds has two options involving Until Uru.

  1. Keep Until URU running as a free taste for those who aren't sure about whether or not they want to buy Uru

  2. Shut down the authorization server that allows clients to connect to the server list

2. is obviously the most economical option, the cost of hosting the Authorization server (which will probably be turned into the authorization for URULive anyway) will be a bit out of their wallet. The cost of running D'mala (which will probably be turned into a server for URULive anyway) will be a bit more out of their wallet.

It's undoubtable though that the fine people at Clockwork Orange are going to find a way to work around the authorization server and connect directly to someone hosting an Until URU server. Which is probably fine, at least from a fiscal standpoint. There are dozens of people running their own Everquest and World of Warcraft servers and it doesn't take a bite out of SOE or Blizzard's funds.

1. is an intriguing option. Many MMOs offer a "trial version" of their games, which set a time limit (and a few limits on characters) on accounts. Something similar, allowing someone to only taste the non-expanded version of URU to see if they would like URULive is definately an interesting thought. But much much less economical.

After all, isn't it better to for someone to decide they don't like a game after they've shelled out the money for the product and the $15 for one month? Sure! Though it's not very nice.

Something tells me that Cyanworlds is going to come up with a third option, one I won't even see coming, because they're getting very good at doing stuff I don't expect.

And now that he's gotten that off of his chest, it's time for the llama to sleep.
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The Hatch

Today we found a hatch on the ceiling outside of our lunchroom. The administration tells us that this hatch is used to access some of the school's electrical system, but we all know there's something more sinister behind it.

I went to study hall the next hour and printed this out.

I taped it to the hatch.

Hopefully it'll still be there tomorrow.